Sunday, 22 August 2010


i must seem like a shy, retiring and mellow person from the looks of this blog.

perhaps not true... i just don't think many people read it - hence the lack of "blog action".

it looks as though many of you folks are enjoying my music, what would be a fair analysis though, would be that much of what you've heard is not strictly "my music", but rather my interpretation of others...

with this said, all is not lost - there is much original music on the way! just you wait and see...

even so, much of what people have been asking is "where does one purchase, or download these aural delights*"

*(substitute the somewhat self serving phrase 'aural delights' to 'tracks', 'songs' or 'tunes')

here you go lovelies :

au revoir simone - tell me (little loud remix) (itunes link)

health - nice girls (little loud remix) (itunes link)

goldfrapp - believer (little loud remix)

yeasayer - madder red (little loud version)

memory tapes - bicycle (little loud mix)

little loud - dancing in the dark

golly, i'm a nice guy... free tracks galore.

and if this wasn't enough - i've even given you folks a new track to listen to, a new version of my au revoir simone remix. much more "chuggy" than my original mix (i had a bet with myself to see if i could one day be cool enough to write the word "chuggy" and people not laugh, i'll leave you to assess if i managed it).

anyway, i blabber, i blabber...

here's said remix :

au revoir simone - tell me (little loud's dreamwave mix)

as mentioned earlier, there is much new original music on the way, alongside a mix of my most recent remixes and a few surprises!

will x

ps - here is a picture of a dog

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

nice girls...

ou est monsieur little loud?

i'm right here folks! me apologising for not posting in a while assumes that people read this blog, so i'm not sorry. i've the google analytics to prove it.

and so, the topic swings to nice girls. and as much as a want to use this post as an excuse to write about victoria (the girl of my dreams), i won't... 

although, here is a picture of her (x4) :

she's so purrrrdy (and she's far more intelligent than i'll ever be, she knows who foucault was)

on to less interesting things - my remix of "nice girls" by the far too cool HEALTH (because it's in capitals that makes it cooler by the way) was released today...

here's a link :

lots and lots of nice new bits and bobs this summer i promise...


Saturday, 22 May 2010

a little lost...

this came on this morning...

the almost unbearable cliche of "not appreciated during their time" is unfortunately relevant here.

there is such an allure of music written by people who aren't here any more, strange that. what strikes me most about arthur russell's music is his absolute disregard of musical norms.

the pursuit of doing always what one wants is a noble one in my eyes - his music strikes me as exactly that. as with most things in life, perhaps my rather slanted interpretation of his music is for it to fit with my "idea" of who he was, and how he wrote music. nonetheless, to say my over zealous use of echo is influenced by this chap would be a vast understatement.

why the sentimental post, will?

arthur russell would have been 59 yesterday - sad times.

Friday, 23 April 2010

a renouncement...

this will seem rather sheepish given my declaration of abhorrence towards press releases, but hey! credit where credit is due... (perhaps)

i was very happy to see that the lovely folks over at acephale have offered my memory tapes remix to the blogosphere. theological analogies aside, here's what some have said having listened to it :


dipped in dollars

we're tapes

yes - this is all somewhat self serving, but i promise there is much new music to come...

did someone say "goldfrapp"


out of.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

memory tapes

and so - a new remix!

i'm not one for press releases and such, but i do like bicycles (particularly hipstery fixed gear ones)


it'll soon be released online through the we're tapes blog, marvellous.

Monday, 19 April 2010

tim berners-lee would be proud...

blogging? social networking? wikis?

nope, this is the best use of the world wide web.

i kind of want to email the owner and ask if i could print this on a t-shirt...

Sunday, 18 April 2010

this gun's for hire...

yep - i attempted the unthinkable, i covered a springsteen track.

here's a picture of bruce upon hearing the news, him and i often sit at a table playing songs to each other while we eat celery. no big deal.